Sunday, December 6, 2015

A year past


Its been a year past without an update.
Within this one year, a lot has happened.
Several events makes me more wise in decision making and trusting people.
Yet, I am still the same as before.
Trying my be a better version of myself.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Almost famous cafe @ Jalan Ibrahim, Johor


Last Ramadhan, most of my break fast date were at Almost Famous. 3 times I went here. First is with my friend, Ayuni who studies in Sabah. Came back hometown and ask for some place to eat and catching up. Secondly, is with my boy friend, Peter who is fasting almost of 1 month. Thank you darling for your effort and last but not least with my college friend, Nurul. Nurul came to JB where her "kampung" village is a few days before Eid Fitr. I was having a really good time with these people.

I remember before Almost Famous Cafe was Mr Kombi Cafe. Mr Kombi Cafe famous for its nasi lemak. I remember going there 3 or 4 times. This cafe located near to OCBC Johor Bahru.

Almost Famous serve a homemade burger, meatballs, fries with an unique and attractive way. The buns are colourful. Red, purple, yellow, pink, blue. Everytime I go there, they serve me and my friends a different coloured bun.

The place is cozy and very nice to hang with friends and catching up. Staff is friendly. Cafe deco is very attractive. Seats are single sofa, sofas, and normal chair with a wooden table. They also have little cushion in one box near the counter. Although, when the time I was there, the fan are not functioning which makes me uncomfortable. Waiting time for my order to reach us is approximately 45mins. Price, well, it was a Ramadhan set RM10.00 (burger , fries and a soda). Overall,I give this cafe 7/10.