Sunday, November 16, 2014

Secretaries be like....

At first I thought being a secretary kind of woooooww. So I went down to the road. Which obviously have nothing to do with my degree.

Well, it is WOW at first. Then, there comes the WHATT. From my experiences, being a secretary requires wide knowledge, excellent at multi-tasking, great with handling all levels of people, and good-looking will be added as extra advantages.

Its not like I dont like being a secretary but it is damn tired. I got work at 9AM and got back most of the time after 8PM with a lil overtime. I tell you, these bosses really dont understand and they thought they do. You come at 2PM and what did you expect? My working hour starts at 2 also is it?  Try to come at 9AM.


I am my boss secretary.

For now.


  1. i understand your situations,because i also secretary student n i will having my practical next month...
    its sooo scary.

  2. All the best. Be strong and be confident. Remember to keep calm and wear a high heels :)