Sunday, November 16, 2014

5 easy way to save money.

# 1 - Save The Green

Every time you went home, when there are The Green (RM5) in a wallet, keep it in a jar. Get a storage jar for RM5.
# 2 - Save The Oren

If you are capable and able to cut your lust for spending, each time bringing home The Orange (RM20), enter it into jar designated for storage of RM20.

# 3 - Keep Coins

This is the lowest level for those who are in the process of being able to save The Green (see tip 1). Put all the coins in the purse into a special jar for coin.

# 4 - Save 10% Money Salary

For those who are salaried jobs, we've toiled for 30 days. The first thing that should be done, pay yourself 10% of your salary.

90% From it, you can spend it however you want. There is a difference between people who saves RM100 to RM10,000. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs will change us once we have RM10,000 savings . That will allow us to become a money magnet to attract more money.

# 5 - Start Saving Every Day (Although 10 cents!)

Rich people's money flows - earn money, saves then shopping.  

Poor people's money flows - earn money, shopping.

When we set the intention to save each day, indirectly we are creating a flow of our financial status. Like we're opening a dam to drain the water out. Start with as little as 10 cents per day.

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