Friday, May 31, 2013

this and that

it beennn a months since my last update.
well, i got few of things going on. with  a new job, exams, and project that i will be starting soon.

last post i thought why dont i just post my daily journal in my diary. and there i was writting on my diary. on and on and on. until i am too tired to write because normally i write before go to sleep.

and so, it became a habit of not writting. because this year, my resolution is to write . DAILY!!!

and i start all over again.

well, as for upcoming project, im just too excited and really i want to talk on that project. but i cant.

anyhow.. as i was studying for my ACCA exams, it really stressed me out and and i started to paint. just a 10min sketch. because i dont think it deserve to be call a painting. whatever.

. ok something is not right with my tablet. letme just post this post. and i will share with you my amy winehouse.


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