Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back to the oldies and live it up

Heyy Gorgeous.

Back to the oldies are mostly used by fashion.
Anyway, that is not what this post is all about.

Since my life is going to be quite busy ahead , I dont think I can blog as much I think I used to.
Hence, I decided to buy a diary book and it will keep track of my daily events.
Not that much of events, but things that I want to remember, something for me to embrace in the future.

Along, I just went for interview today.
I dont think that I can get the position.
Well, I dont have working experience and other candidates,they just freak me out.
It is not a high level yet again I think most of the candidates are over qualified for that position.

Not that I need a job so ever,
It's just that I need the working experience.

Anyhow, that beautiful lady who interviewed me said, I most probably get the position.
Want to know why?

She said,
"We are an international company and it is great for us to have you because not many malay can speak in english very well"

I know I am not that great,I still speaks manglish but still, I am trying to improvise myself and so should you in any part that needs the improvement.

Most of us,upgrade our blog to be nice, pretty and all that, why dont we upgrade our human skills and live the life outside internet. not just apply to blog

Communication skill is something you can start with.
Different situation requires different way of communication.
I dont know bout you guys. But I consider myself at number 5 in communication skills.

Messages for today,

                          Let us upgrade ourselves for today,tomorrow and hereafter.


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