Wednesday, February 13, 2013

oh my lilies

Lilies are my favorite because of its scent.
It could last days and week.

There is one person taught me how to maintain flower after bought it.
Put one or two aspirin in the water and put the flower in the water.

Well, it does work.

I remember that day when we shop for lilies.
It still doesn't bloom.
and we have to keep it for 2 days.
And lilies are sensitive to heat.
So, we kept lilies in an air-conditioning room.
About 18° celcius.

and for that 2 days, scent of lilies surround the entire bungalow.
however, lilies stamen (brown,reddish color)  really something i dislike.
if it touch your shirt, the stain wont go away.

Some women like rose, but I prefer lilies.


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