Saturday, February 16, 2013

Again, shopping

I am very tired today. but in the good way.
I've got to spent time with my love one even for approximately 2 hours.
Yet again, I am so happy to see him.

Anyway, after long drive, I reached home and all of sudden that shopping instinct tingling.
So, my brother and I went to Segget. 
As always, shoe is my main target. eventhough it's a "pasar malam" shoe, I kinda like it the moment i saw them.
As in my wishlist to have 12 colors of shoes, well, 10 more to go.
Pretend the orange is for January. hehe


And grab piece of earring.

I dont know why I bought these things. But I will wear em I guess.
Another bad habit, shop and make a collections.
I still can shop even with RM10 in my purse.
It just a habit that I dont know good or bad. 
Well, its bad I guess.

Some people like to shop for clothes but I not that interested in shopping clothes.
Again, I will spend on shoe,earring,bangle,handbag, accessories. 

Plooop plop ploppp


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