Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wall stickers anyone?

So anyone want to but wall stickers?

RM40 including postage

RM50 including postage

RM35 including postage

Feel free to ask me anything regarding this product

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Again, shopping

I am very tired today. but in the good way.
I've got to spent time with my love one even for approximately 2 hours.
Yet again, I am so happy to see him.

Anyway, after long drive, I reached home and all of sudden that shopping instinct tingling.
So, my brother and I went to Segget. 
As always, shoe is my main target. eventhough it's a "pasar malam" shoe, I kinda like it the moment i saw them.
As in my wishlist to have 12 colors of shoes, well, 10 more to go.
Pretend the orange is for January. hehe


And grab piece of earring.

I dont know why I bought these things. But I will wear em I guess.
Another bad habit, shop and make a collections.
I still can shop even with RM10 in my purse.
It just a habit that I dont know good or bad. 
Well, its bad I guess.

Some people like to shop for clothes but I not that interested in shopping clothes.
Again, I will spend on shoe,earring,bangle,handbag, accessories. 

Plooop plop ploppp


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

my choco pie

I have a really bad craving for foods.
Last two day I keep craving for chocolate pie.
So I made a chocolate pie today.

Chocolate pie

As you can see,the pie crust has be ate by impatient people. haha
It is now safely in freezer . Tomorrow we can start digging the pie.

While waiting the crust to bake, I made the chocolate filling and it is delicious.
I even lick the spatula.

Spatula licking good

I save some of chocolate as a bread spread for tomorrow .
I bet it will last within 3days.

Can't wait for tomorrow. :D


oh my lilies

Lilies are my favorite because of its scent.
It could last days and week.

There is one person taught me how to maintain flower after bought it.
Put one or two aspirin in the water and put the flower in the water.

Well, it does work.

I remember that day when we shop for lilies.
It still doesn't bloom.
and we have to keep it for 2 days.
And lilies are sensitive to heat.
So, we kept lilies in an air-conditioning room.
About 18° celcius.

and for that 2 days, scent of lilies surround the entire bungalow.
however, lilies stamen (brown,reddish color)  really something i dislike.
if it touch your shirt, the stain wont go away.

Some women like rose, but I prefer lilies.


Monday, February 11, 2013

kini dan esok

" You must be in the deepest dark to find the light "

haa. quote ini samalah ertinya macam peribahasa/pantun melayu;

" Berakit- rakit ke hulu,
Berenang-renang ke tepian,
Bersakit-sakit dahulu,
Bersenang-senang kemudian "

Berrmaksud, untuk senang, selalunya akan ada waktu susahnya dahulu.
Tidak akan ada senang berguling-guling begitu sahaja.

Kadang-kadang kita hanya fikir nasib kita sekarang seperti penat bekerja lah, penat belajar lah.
But at end of the day, the pay slip yang kita dapat tu la buatkan rasa susah tu terangkat dari bebanan kita.
Yes, kalau nak diikutkan ada yang kerja teruk tapi dapat gaji yang tak seberapa.
Ada saja yang mengeluh.

Tapi kalau pandai menguruskan kewangan sendiri, mungkin tidak akan rasa sempit.
Sebab kalau nak suruh majikan naikkan gaji instantly memang tak dapat la kan.
And worst,gaji naik, lepas beberapa hari tiba-tiba barang harian naik.
So, financial management itu penting.

Sakit-sakit dahulu, kumpul duit untuk kahwin misalnya. 
Kadang-kadang tu ada yang sampai cut entertainment expense kan.
But its worth a while .
Bila da kahwin, bole je ber'entertainment' bersama kan.

Ada macam-macam pandangan orang tentang hal ini.
Yang penting diri anda sendiri bagaimana mahu menilai masa sekarang dan merancang masa hadapan.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nutella 1

yes my blog has a new look.
thank you for noticing.

just a quick post on this superb saturday.
nutella is very veryyyy veryyyyy delicious right.
so, i googled and found a recipe on how to make nutella popsicle.

I made some but can't share the picture.
Those popsicle finished like crazy.
Next time I made it, I'll share the pictures.

Oh and the recipes is up there. up up. at the menu.
Good luck :)


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brain exerciser

gymnasium and jog are mostly to maintain our physical .
what about your brain?

It also need exercise.
so we can have better memory, better attention, better picking up speed, flexibility and problem solving.

today i want to share with yall a good website for you brain to exercise.

i, myself use this website.
but of course i'm using only the free part.

you guys should checkkkk it out.

have fun :)


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I need a quick help here

I just realized my shoutbox isn't coming out.
why eh?

 can anyone help me.


food tasting

mesti ada antara korang yang tak pernah pergi food tasting kan.

ok la.
some people ingat food tasting ni nak kena komen on the food.
what i learnt from my ex-boss,
you are suppose to taste the food to see if you like what you have pre-selected for your event.
and NOT to comment on how the food suppose to be cooked or prepared.

if you don't like the taste, change the menu. These chefs are professionals an graduated from top culinary schools not some food stalls cook.

lain lah kalau korang pilih kak timah yang meniaga kat warung tepi jalan tu mungkin lah.
but still, respect their work.

Each chef has their own style, if you want the food to be cooked the way you want it, then cook it youself!
jangan buat perangai kampung sangat.
and ask politely, we are civilize people.

and I hope you guys can really understand what food tasting really means.



semalam  ada post about my painting kan.
ok lah. hari ni da 80% complete.

Ingatkan lepas siap nak jual.
sekali masa dalam 50% completion ada orang da cop.

so complete je nanti akan di hantar ke shah alam.
oh marilyn.

ini rupa 80%.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

trapapapa tuesday

selamat pagi.
ok semalam i baru beli kanvas konon nak start painting.

and well, i did start painting.

nak tau who i'm painting?.

take a quick look.

and guess.

haaa. can guess or not. hehehe
I will reveal her in upcoming post.


Monday, February 4, 2013

rainy monday morning

So, I woke up this morning quite early.
Punya lah berkobar kobar
dah pasang azam malam tadi nak jogging pagi ni and nak join taichi.

so i guess sok jela kan.
tu pun kalau tak hujan la.

selalunya i took 30 minutes untuk keluar dari kawasan guard rumah ke kawasan taman besar.
berjalan kaki tau.
because driving is too mainstream .
tak dala. better kita jog kan. hee

and taichi tu slalu pukul 7a.m da start.
so, i've to get ready around 6.30am.
6.30am tu actually baru bangun

and sooooo kita jadilah warga penghadap laptop pepagi ni.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

saturday shopping

semalam saya dan adik saya pergi membeli -belah.
tak banyak pun.
i bought something from vincci and accessory shop.
spent only rm25.

ramai sangat orang.
mungkin dah nak new year.
dan ramai sangat budak budak sekolah.
pakai seksi.
mini skirt and top.

agaknya parents diaorg ni tau tak ek?
haisshh budak budak zaman sekarang ni tak ada kelas la.

anywaysssss, i got my eye on this one bag. sangat cantik. warna purple.
and i kinda like warna terang terang ni.
mungkin sebab trend sekarang kan.
color blocking and all that.

ok tu je nak cerita.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

felt like really happening

the other night i dream  bout getting married.
i really can feel the steams from nasi beriani.
and clothes and lots and loottttts of it.

yet, i dream again the same thing.
well, its our nikah day.

it really felt so real.
the white abaya I'm wearing,
lilies all over the house.
silk curtain all over the wall.
and of course the man besides me.
i am glad to see that someone who im planning marrying to

sampai bila bangun rasa hampa because in reality nothing is happen yet

i guess in the matter of time.
InsyaAllah semoga semuanya dipermudahkan.

sabar lah wahai hati.
sedikit lagi waktu, sampai lah detik itu