Wednesday, January 30, 2013

picture perfect memories

a pictures says thousand words they said.
sometimes, kita nak share jugakkan kenangan dengan orang lain.
ramai jugak blogger blogger share their own picture.

i was thinking to share some of mine but kadang-kadang tu paranoid
because of nowadays technologies kan.
macam macam boleh buat.
so i decided not to share kot.
but i will share my story.

tak pa la . nanti kita share picture makanan pula .

talking about perfect memories,
korang pernah tak bayangkan the perfect moment yang buat korang rasa
if i got this i am good enough.

your own wedding ke. convocation ke. having a wall full of shoes and handbags ke kan.
atau pun
your greatest moment bersama family, dan yang tersayang .

oh sometimes, sampai boleh buat kita menangis kann.
anywaysss, those good memories la yang kadang kadang kita perlukan bila kita rasa kosong.

so, nourish every moment you spent and try to love what you have before u still can feel the love.
and stop pretending something you are not.

thank you for reading my mumbling thought. i know you are reading this.


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