Thursday, October 11, 2012

choices of life 1

Dear blog,
They said, things you got to choose determines the which path of your life would go. Sometimes it is an easy,daily decision like what i want to eat today? what shoes should i wear?  instantly you can decide them. even it takes couple of minutes to think.  

Some decision requires days to think about. The type that will effect your entire life like what should i study in college. What should i do after college?

When you living the choice you've made, there will be a time that you think you should not do this in the first place. All of sudden you felt that you've made a wrong decision ever. And just to go back to the junction of choices and to start over, felt that you've wasted your time and felt stupid not to choose it from the beginning.

Regrets !

The word , the feeling that all of us felt. Admit it!

Therefore, we are often being advice to think through our decision and the alternatives decisions. The pro and contra. Expect the unexpected and so on. But really, who knew what will happen right?

Again, if its just a few bump in the path, don't just give up and start over your path. Find the alternatives and adapt. We are human. we adapt . unless you are robot . hehehe

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